A better footprint for Union County

When was the last time a candidate running for office actually asked you what was important to you?  

That should be the first priority of every single candidate running for any office.  

A question: a simple question.  What do you expect and need your local county government to do for you? 

Some of these answers are strikingly obvious if you read any social media sites or nextdoor in regards to Union County.

The #1 issue on everyone's mind is Water.  We should have safe, clean, sustainable, and constant drinking water. 

My platform is your platform.  Please take my citizen survey:


* A note about my "platform":  I intend on using my Substack blog to write about the issues I discuss with the people I speak with in Union County.  My first post which I hope you will read is brief and covers the introduction of a slate of candidates running for municipal seats.  Please take a few minutes to full out my Citizen Survey. I want to hear what is important to you. After my last campaign in November of 2021, the answers and data I received from my Citizen survey were invaluable to my platform for Stallings Town Council.